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House System  

In order to inculcate the quality of leadership, sense of commitment, co-operation, team spirit camaraderie among the students, the school has been divided into four houses. All the school activities are carried out on House basis under the guidance of a senior teacher as House Master/Mistress assisted by a team of teachers. House Captain, Vice-captain and other House Members.

The four Houses are:

  • Jyoti House: Jyoti House represents enlightenment of the student's mind through knowledge, moral valuesand self discipline.
  • Pragati House: Pragati House represents the spiritual and physical growth of the students through education, discipline and inculcation of leadership qualities.
  • Prerna House: Prerna House inspires the students towards social welfare activities such as eradication of social evils, educational growth with modern science and imbibing Vedic culture.
  • Shakti House: Shakti House stands for moral courage towards sacrifice for motherland, spirit of nationalism patriotism, sense of dignity and bravery among the students.In a nutshell, all the four Houses help to develop the right attitude needed for the all round development of the students.
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